Cherokee Sovereignty And The Cherokee People Themselves Essay

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There have been many instances in which the Cherokees and the Americans have demonstrated a great, amicable, and mutually beneficial relationship. From the introduction of the Christian religion to the increased literacy due to the printing press, the Cherokees relationship with the whites have produced numerous benefits. Although there is no reason for this favorable relationship to change, the circumstances presented to us at this point in history have necessitated an adjustment in the relations between our two nations. The preservation of Cherokee sovereignty and the Cherokee people themselves is a goal of myself as a Cherokee, as well as all of the Cherokee and esteemed white members in attendance at this summit generously held at President Jacksons estate. Our ideas in how to preserve this sovereignty, however, are as numerous and varying as the plethora of resources that our lands present us with. It is a necessity to come to a common consensus and reach a mutual agreement in how we will achieve the growth and parallel success and prosperity of our vastly different nations.
Although at first, I believed that the means of obtaining this perfect harmony between our nations was to continue as we had been for many years, harvesting our crops and raising our children in the homeland of our forefathers, my view has changed. As the hunter needs to change his position when the wind changes in order to have a successful hunt, I have realized that we as both the…

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