Chemical Compounds And The Compounds Essay

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The unknown compound was solid at room temperature and was white. It was soluble in water, as indicated by Table 1. Of the list of possible known compounds, the unknown could not be CaCO3 or MgCO3 because neither one of those compounds are soluble in water, but it could have been any salt as the compound is ionic. From there, a conductivity test proved that the unknown compound conducted 1.1 volts of electricity, meaning the compound contained both positively and negatively charged ions that move around to conduct the electricity.
Potassium Sulfate has a solubility of 1 g in 8.3 mL of water, which matches with the results of the unknown being soluble in water (The Merck Index). Ionic compounds, a form of polar compounds, are soluble in water because water is a polar solvent and “like dissolves like.” The negative oxygen end is attracted to the cation of the ionic compound and the positive hydrogen ends of the water molecules are attracted to the anion of the compound. Because the forces between the water molecules are stronger than the forces of the solute bonds, the attractions excite the ions and they break down (Zinck). Potassium Sulfate is a salt so it conducts electricity in water because the dissolved ions move electrons across the concentration gradient. When the negative and positive poles of a current are placed in the solution, the K+ ions will attract to the negative pole and the SO4-2 ions will attract to the positive poles, making a circuit in the water,…

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