Chaucer 's ' The Wife Of Bath ' Essay

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Geffrey Chaucer was an iconoclast of his era. During his epoch the church was the government and the class system could not be cheated. Men had the rule of thumb, there are even instances of men getting punished for not keeping their women in check. “which has the effect of stressing the importance of masculine relations), and pushing feminine experience and values to the margins.” ("Explanation of: 'The Wife of Bath ' by Geoffrey Chaucer.")Chaucer had a few bones to pick with some ideas that he did not agree with, in any way whatsoever. He knew what the church was really after, and I was not saving souls of the damned. He used the satire, originally used by a roman named Julian, to tear down the veil hiding the hypocrisy of the church and its officials. He was very keen in the way a woman thought, he knew they were just as or even more intelligent than men. For Chaucer it was a time when men ruled, by thumb, and he is seen as the one of the very early feminists. The way he uses his satiric approach to the class system is very controversial, but he hides behind the scaffolding of the tales. He plays the ideas and words said, off as somebody else’s thoughts, never his own. Chaucer, using the Canterbury Tales as a satiric attack, shows his disdain for: the hypocrisy of the church, the patriarch of marriage and the overall system of class. In Chaucer’s Pardoners Prologue and Tale he uses satire to reveal the hypocritical nature of the church in his day. In the research of…

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