Chaucer 's Bath And The Pardoner 's Tale Essay

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Chaucer’s Genius Many great writers lived during the Middle Ages, but one stands out as the greatest English writers of the time period. Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the greatest English writers of the Middle Ages, and evidence is clearly seen in the General Prologue, “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” and “The Pardoner’s Tale” in The Canterbury Tales. English was the vernacular language of 14th century England, and Chaucer had a wider influence by writing in a language that was more commonly understood by the common people. In addition, he also creatively used many different literary techniques in his works. The combination of influence and talent led to his popularity and reputation. First, the General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales exemplifies Chaucer’s genius through his use of irony, satire, and view of 14th century England. Chaucer initially captures the readers’ attention with a wide array of pilgrims. From the lowly plowman to the noble knight, the 29 pilgrims encompass a large spectrum of the different roles in 14th century England. Chaucer’s skill is exhibited by his ability to accurately portray all of these diverse characters in a believable manner. Most of these characters have a flaw that is clearly inferred from the General Prologue. When examining these flaws, Chaucer’s use of satire and irony is manifest. Satire is present when examining the religious pilgrims, which demonstrates the religious corruption at the time. For example, the Monk has a satirical view on…

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