Charter Schools Vs Public Schools Essay example

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Within charter schools there is a plethora of reasons why parents rather send there children to charter schools than public schools. Parents believe there children will get a better education in being in a charter school because they have more money, so their will be high tech resources the students can learn from. On the other hand, as for public school they are not very wealthy and might not provide higher tech equipment for the students to learn from. Furthermore, in Philadelphia there are multiple public schools thinking about getting shut down because they are in terrible neighborhoods or because of low income on new books for the students and superior equipment in the classrooms.
Firstly, one reason charter schools are positive and can help because of providing options for families. To explain providing options for families is the most compelling argument for charter schools and powerful because even though some communities have excellent public schools, not everyone will fit in that public school. Also the neighborhood school is not always suitable for every child by it might be too big or to small, to academically difficult or not difficult enough, and making friends may be to problematic. There 's multiple reasons that parents may seek an alternative. Another reason is foster competition. To describe, in research, having competition makes educators up their game. Furthermore, competition has made traditional public schools much more conscious about customer…

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