Charles Horton Cooley's Theory

The following paragraphs were derived from multiple sources which include:, Robert Gutman, and Glenn Jacobs. The articles, web pages, and journals from which the paragraphs were paraphrased from can be found on the reference page.
Charles Horton Cooley was born August 17th, 1864 to Mary Elizabeth Horton and Thomas Mclntyre Cooley in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Charles Cooley was born when Ann Arbor was beginning to grow and expand. According to Ann Arbor had a population of 5,731 in 1864 and in just six years gained an additional 2,000 residents. Charles Cooley was the fourth child between his parents. Two more children were born after Cooley causing him to become a middle child. Thomas Cooley was a Supreme Court Judge for the state
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This shows he was lost and did not know what exactly he wanted to do, who he was, or who he wanted to become. Cooley tried to find himself by going to Europe, and there I believe he realized that if he starts analyzing human behavior and the conditions that shape individuals, he could finally answer the question that plagued him. When Cooley returned, he began on the path towards the answers for his questions. Cooley then gained the tools to analyze his question and begin forming his theory. I believe Cooley was able to answer his questions with his theory the looking glass self. Cooley’s theory brought to light how others affect our self-image or how we perceive ourselves. Cooley claimed others individuals’ opinions of you shape who you are and what you …show more content…
His theory the looking glass self, stated that our self emerges as we interact with others, and begin to understand how others see us. Cooley’s theory also stated that individuals would attach a meaning to a situation or event, and then react a certain way due to its meaning. Cooley can be credited for developing the interactionist perspective in sociology which seeks to society by looking at everyday forms of interaction between individuals. Cooley found how industrialization affected individuals and families, by causing them to become more individualistic and began to ignore traditional family and neighborhood. Cooley published Disorganization of Family which covered the turmoil with American families. Cooley was correct in his theory, and now we see the outcome of individualistic societies. Cooley also was the first to discover primary groups, or as Dalton Conley author of You May Ask Yourself defines primary groups as “a group such as family or friends, composed if enduring, face-to-face relationships that strongly influence the attitudes and ideals of those involved.” Through Cooley’s research, he continually stressed the importance of primary groups and how they affect society. Cooley founded the American Sociological Association which to this day advances the discipline, and without Cooley, sociology would not have been as advanced in its understanding of society as it is

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