Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations Essay

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The way that Dickens opens up the book, I immediately sympathize with Pip and his struggle of not knowing his parents and 5 brothers. The fact that his 5 brothers died as infants shows that they lived a tough life during a harsh time with a high infant mortality rate and low life expectancy. This quote shows that even though Pip had to deal with the deaths of his family, he is still able to have that childlike quality of imagination.
I find it ironic but very sad that Mrs. Gargery is an actual blood relative of Pip, yet Joe seems to be the better guardian of the two. Joe looks out for Pip by warning him while Mrs. Gargery is more concerned with her tarnishing reputation of being married to a blacksmith. I’m curious to know why she had Pip in the first place then?
It’s terrible to read that a seven-year-old feels bad about his existence to the point where it’s almost like a crime. The way that Mrs. Gargery constantly physically, emotionally, and verbally abuses her own brother has probably led Pip to think that he deserves to be punished. It saddens me to read that Pip has been manipulated into feeling that his own existence is a sin.

This quote reveals to us that Pip cares what other people think about him because he really wants to prove to the convict that it wasn’t his fault. I feel like if this was Mrs. Gargery, he would probably feel guilty but this time, he doesn’t really know what to feel. It’s like your parents saying they are disappointed, which is so much…

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