Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations Essay

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Throughout Great Expectations, the reader goes through a roller coaster of emotions for Pip and Estella. Pip and Estella have abusive guardians which spawns an effect on them in several ways. It not only affects the relationships with the guardians, but disrupts their relationship with others, and induces emotional and behavioral flaws due to their trauma. This trauma leads Pip to unconditionally seek love and attention and for Estella to become a cold heartbreaker. The actions that cause the reader to dislike Pip and Estella are not their fault, rather should be blamed on the people who negatively raise them. Although the reader jumps to the conclusion that Mrs. Joe is evil because of her abusive and totalitarian ways, her actions have reasoning behind them. Mrs. Joe has gone through many losses, so she is this way because she does not want to lose yet another loved one. Fear drives her to seek power and to be controlling. The time period the novel is set in, plays a major role in her cold behavior. In the 19th century, parents wanted their children to mature or become adults quickly; therefore, children did not have a childhood and were not treated with love because it would slow down the maturity process (Rogers 42).
Mrs. Joe takes care of Pip throughout his childhood and therefore plays a role in the rest of his life.

Mrs. Joe abuses Pip verbally and physically, mentally scaring him and even influencing his relationships with others. Pip is blamed…

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