Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations Essays

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Throughout the bildungsroman by Charles Dickens, “Great Expectations,” the theme of coming of age is quite apparent. Dickens creates this theme specifically through the nature of maturation. The protagonist, Pip, is the largest contributor to understanding the importance of maturity and unselfishness. Pip is impacted by the whirlwind of opportunity that he was exposed to as a young boy. He was overwhelmed and quick to make most decisions early on in his life. Pip became obsessed with wealth, social status, and possession. Pip was transforming into a materialistic young man because of the exposure he had to the higher class when he began to visit the Satis house, the home of Miss Havisham, and Pip’s love, Estella. External influences such as this, where new environments are being exposed to young people, heavily deviate the actions and thoughts of young people, whether they are oblivious to the fact or not. Human behavior is dependent on external forces and Dickens uses this piece of human nature to present the coming of age of Pip throughout the chaotic childhood he had endeavored.
Maturity saved Pip’s life from continuing to spiral towards being completely disconnected from the ones who really love him. He subconsciously allowed outside forces to control his fate until he became coherent of the fact that his obsession of wealth and higher social status was tearing him apart from the couple of people who dearly loved and cared for him. Pip was drawn to the life of hierarchy…

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