Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations Essay

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The lack of an identity brings chaos to one’s life. Without fully knowing themselves, and understanding their own viewpoints and perspectives, people cannot become comfortable with their own identity. Charles Dickens, in the 19th century novel Great Expectations, and Khaled Hosseini, in the 21st century novel The Kite Runner, present very similar ideas regarding the importance that maturation of perspective has for the discovery of one’s identity. Both authors make the contrast between social class and personal value, arguing that worth and inner values, not social class or position in society, create the real basis for one’s treatment of others. Reaching such an understanding allows individuals to truly find comfort in their own identity.
The inability to identify true personal worth as superior to social status creates chaos and a loss of identity in individuals. Dickens strongly argues for these ideals in Great Expectations, most notably through the character of Pip. Pip has a good heart and conscience, but the materialistic world he discovers at Satis House blinds his logical thinking: “Whatever I acquired, I tried to impart to Joe...I wanted to make Joe less ignorant and common, that he might be worthier of my society and less open to Estella’s reproach” (Dickens 57). His love for Estella engulfs Pip, and he surrenders to the belief that in order to win her over, he and those closest to him must change and become truly worthy of associating with the likes of Estella and…

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