Charles Darwin's Discovery Of The Finches In The Galapagos

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Charles Darwin went on a voyage and the ship name was called HMS Beagle. His most popular studies were in the Galapagos islands. He discovered that in 1831 that finches have different beaks and colored feathers in different islands of the Galapagos islands. This meant, if the finches had an offspring, it could be different from it's parents, creating a new species of finches.

Two different organisms Darwin studied were pigeons and Iguanas. Let's start with the domestic pigeon. When Darin first thought of pigeons he thought, “pigeons are so boring who cares about them. But he decided to give it a try so he got started on pigeons. In the first month or so he was amazed the more and more he discovered about them the more and more fascinated he became. He discovered that pigeons had traits much like humans do. Some were aggressive, some were gentle and some were bossy. Not only did he figure that out, he did it without having any knowledge of genetics
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They started out in Central American jungles but then floated on rafts made out of vegetation to get to the Galapagos islands. As we all know iguanas are warm blooded but how do they get warmth? Well Darwin says they all huddle up together, but most importantly they adapted skin color. The color is a fogy black. They absorb the sun's heat so they can maintain the heat and go into the cold ocean to feed. They have evolved enough to defend themselves, they evolved spikes on their backs to defend themselves from predators. They have evolved in another way too, they can shrink 20% of their body by digesting it. It sounds stupid but it really isn't when they shrink their stomachs get smaller so they don't have to worry about eating that much when there is not much food to eat. Darwin also discovered that when they are adults they can grow back to normal

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