Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution Essays

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Adapt and Overcome Life encompasses a broad range of organisms, from single cell bacteria, to complex mammals with traits specific to their environments. It was long believed that God, the maker of all things, created all living organisms in his own image as described in the Bible. It wasn 't until the 19th century that the theory of creationism was truly rivaled and people started to doubt that God was the reason beings are the way they are. The new theory, the theory of evolution, stated that species, including humanity, have evolved over long periods of time changing and adapting to their environments. Complimenting the theory of evolution, genetics research introduced the rules of hereditary proving that evolution occurs on a molecular scale. The biological breakthroughs of the 19th century were the building blocks of modern organic science. Charles Darwin 's theory of evolution wasn 't as revolutionary as many believe. It was new and different, but Darwin wasn 't the first person to believe living organisms have evolved with time. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was one of the first to suggest that traits acquired from the parent organism are transferred to the offspring. Because Lamarck came before Darwin, he took all of the criticism for announcing that the change of organic life occurs in nature and not by God. Lamarck believed that when an animal is forced to adapt to their environment they will. For example, a giraffe with a short neck is unable to eat the leaves at the…

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