Darwinism Must Die So Evolution May Live Essay

Throughout several generations Darwinism has been applied to several concepts, and people continue to expand on it everyday. Darwinism is merely just the evolution of species through natural selection, which was developed through Charles Darwin. Darwin did many tests and studies to advance and add on to many theories discovered by other scientists, but all of the theories discovered by other scientists just go under Darwinism. Darwin did not come up with every theory that is a part of Darwinism, but he still influenced and started several of the theories such as heredity, DNA, and many more ideas (Beer, 2000).
In Biology Darwin and Darwinism has been something that I am particularly interested since his ideas really started evolution and have affected many people throughout history, including myself, as society adapts and changes as time progresses. “Darwinism Must Die So Evolution May Live” is about how Darwin gets too much credit for work that he did not think of, and how Darwinism was just other people 's theories put under Darwin 's name. It was added that Darwin did have an
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The way it is changing is how it is being understood and perceived by many, altering the understanding of the idea (Depew & Weber & Sterelny, 1996). A good example of this is social darwinism, which basically applies the biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to politics and sociology. This is applied in a society, and as society and its standards keep changing and adapting to adjustments, Social Darwinism will change along with the different types of organisms (Chiou & Pan, 2008). Social darwinism is just one example of many others that proves that Darwinism is not something that stays constant, but instead it’s always adapting to the changes being made as the world keeps

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