Charles Colson 's God And Government : An Insider 's View On The Boundaries Between Faith And Politics

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Charles Colson’s God and Government: An insider’s View On The Boundaries Between Faith & Politics breaks down the conflicts between two kingdoms: God’s and our government. Fear of another crusades would happen and the possibility of an overpowering religious government could arise (Colson 47). Colson believes that the christian foundation and morals is what the American government should take after. He says that in some views of the non-believers they agree with values of some religious faiths, “Today, many thinkers, even those who reject orthodox faith, agree that a religious-value consensus is essential for justice and concord” (Colson 52).
He goes on saying how we need, “civil structure” because not only religion can fulfil order and “Both the city of god and man are vital to society- and they must remain in delicate balance”(Colson 52). Keeping this balance has been a challenge since the founding fathers built this country on at the least christian commandments, suchs as: do not steal, murder, all punishable if committed. Colson keeps a one sided opinion providing all of the good examples and help it would be to have a christian based government. However, he does not provide much of the down sides or difficulties there would be to keep it up.

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When America was founded the founding fathers had made it clear that as citizens we have free rights to religion and expression. Having these rights would cause a conflict between the structure and implementation on…

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