Characters In Tomorrow When The War Began By John Marsden

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Tomorrow When the War Began: Ellie and Homer

The novel, Tomorrow When the War Began, by John Marsden, uses characters that reflect the independence and strength of Australian youth. They have strengths, intelligence and abilities that allow them to take control of their situation and survive. Ellie and Homer show this best.

John Marsden has created a typically Australian novel because he has set the book in a stereotypically Australian environment, a small country town surrounded by the bush. The “bush” is stereotypically Australian because the lasting image our nation has created from our pioneers’ beginnings is a rural setting and lifestyle. As a result, he has created stereotypically Australian characters. They have been put into a truly
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They all show, as a result, strength, independence, quick-wittiness and adaptability. They are also loyal to their family, what they have built up, and to each other.

In the novel, John Marsden creates two characters, Ellie and Homer, who have great strengths, intelligence and abilities, which allow them to take control and survive. Ellie was the initial leader of the group. She’s a determined individual and inspires people to do things. Her courage should be admired as she reflects the strengths of Australian youth. Whilst observing the show grounds in darkness, Ellie, along with two others notice that there are armed soldiers on the premises, they look to Ellie to lead with her tactical thinking. Their objective is to get to the gum tree without exposing themselves to light and then escape, four steps forward and then to the left, Ellie first and she makes it successfully. After this even she suddenly realises that she has transformed to a new person. “At that moment I stopped being an innocent rural teen and started becoming someone else, a more capable person, a forced to be reckoned with, and not just a polite obedient kid”. The rest follow, they successfully make it across and have a view of a third of the
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Marsden’s characters were natural leaders, were logical, determined, courageous and instinctive, which all reflect those of the ANZACS’. For example, Ellie in her do or die situation at the showgrounds, she showed leadership in showing directions for Corrie and Kevin and courage in carrying out the explosion combination of the lawn mower, petrol and match to wipe out all the soldiers. Their key qualities outlined, helped them take control and lead them to

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