Loyalty In Shakespeare's Macbeth As A Tragic Hero

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Macbeth is an unsettled man, throughout the entire plot of Shakespeare’s masterpiece; Macbeth is never at ease with his villainous actions. Driven to disloyalty to the throne conducted by the prophecies of three witches after they predicted Macbeth would be Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth is a man of very great qualities, a very fearsome soldier and a powerful man, though resides in Macbeth is a fatal flaw. His dangerously excessive ambition was what leads him to be so swiftly manipulated to the severed words of his lady, unsatisfied with his manhood, Macbeth is lead to believe these atrocious actions is what will ultimately make him achieve all his ambitions, though through these actions he falls under the dark cloud as he is unable to bear the psychological …show more content…
Soldiers are quite adept in this quality, they understand the roles of leadership, they seek valor and operate under comradeship fighting alongside brothers. But the twisted desires in once loyal Macbeth has pushed him to break these chains and become his own man, though Macbeth a better soldier than politician, as he uses violence as his tool to solve his problems even once in power. Macbeth lacks in loyalty due to his desires to wealth and power. These dark emotions suck as greed takes control, he battles with himself to see what is just and suppress his ambition, though it is a losing fight. This is a message to society, some people let themselves fall to these envious states and want more than they currently have, if you aren’t happy with what you have, you never will be. The desire to have more wealth, more power, and more fame is only created by themselves, people battle with their self and they lose what is true and just, these are the qualities of honor and loyalty. These negative traits are both infections and toxic and can force a society to turn on each …show more content…
It was a dangerous desire that set place atrocious events pushing a once thought loyal man, to commit treacherous acts. This is a message to society and it can be learned, Shakespeare explains that excessive ambition can be dangerous. Everyone is fuelled with some ambition and some level of greed, if their desires get the best of them, humans can lose qualities such as loyalty and honor. People may drop their friends and put their desires ahead of things that mean a lot to them such as being truthful to people they care about. Desire and ambition is both positive but needs to be used carefully, they may use it as a drive, if people wish to achieve something they may not be able to by doing the right thing, how far may people go to get what they want? Humans are Macbeth; he represents the both good and bad qualities in people, humans can be manipulated and convinced into going against their conscience to achieve their desires. It is important that humans stay true to who they are and stay strict to their

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