Characteristics Of The Ideal Man Essay

1294 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 6 Pages
What is every man’s dream? To be the perfect man in a woman’s eye. The problem with becoming the perfect man is that no man truly knows the qualities that makes the “ideal man.” Every guy has his own attributes, both good and bad; some guys are athletic, others are smart, and still others are funny. But the real question is what traits in guys are the “eye-catchers” in the eyes of teenage girls. Understanding these traits of the ideal man can help guide a man to reach perfection in the eyes of a woman. For one thing, a guy needs to know where to start in his search for the qualities of the ideal man. It is essential for a guy to first understand the unique characteristics of each individual girl. No one is made the same and likes the same traits. Out of the ten girls I asked, 17 different options were presented in a girl’s top three “turn-ons” varying from height to smile. When reading and listening to the various opinions of friends it is important we remember no one person is the same. First impressions are the gateway to success or no success in relationships. Immediately when individuals meet one another, he or she creates opinions on his or her new acquaintance. According to Hayden Wiens, “The way a guy looks at me and smiles determines everything. If it looks like he isn’t super friendly or outgoing I am not interested.” Opinions like this are formed before the two people have even spoken to one another and already weaken that particular guy’s chances.…

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