Anti-Modernism And Postmodern Art

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Postmodernism/ Modernism

Modernist artists can be viewed as a new way of thinking that started in the 1860’s and ended in the 1970’s that sought to view art thru fresh eyes. Modern art focused on actual items in nature but sought to abstract it. Post-Modernism is almost the anti-modernism. It went to go against anything modernism stood for. Asking more questions than it answered postmodern artists sought to simplify and recreate past styles and converge low and high art into one. In this essay I will discuss what exactly makes an artist post modern or modern. After much research one can conclude that postmodern art is somewhat the beginning of the dark ages of art.

Post modern art is a rebellion of the formalists. Post modern art can be
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For some time his art was not considered art but over time the culture that he sought to identify with caught steam and art critics began seeing his work as something of value. His work was validated in the subculture and recognized and respected by art critics. It can be seen in his work that there really is no concern for depth. His work is one-dimensional and the only thing keeping the image from being seen as a trace and completely flat image is his ability to play with black white and grey. Jasper Johns was a post modernist painter who’s work focused mainly on America and recreating different images like the American flag and map of the country in his own eyes. What makes Johns a post modernist is his ability to mix low and high culture , his image saturation , simulacra, and his art recycling of culture. All of those different qualities of post modernism can be seen in his 1954 picture “Flag”. In this piece Johns recreated the American flag by painting it , but upon closer viewing one realizes that it is in fact a collage of newspapers mixed with thick paint. Johns in no way shape form or fashion destroyed the flag but added to it. Johns did nothing but …show more content…
I am not saying this in a sense of myself being lazy and not wanting to do it but in a sense of it serves no point. Most of these artists could have easily gone either or. The only artist to me that really stood out as being true to their era is Barbara Kruger. In reality I feel like these categories hinder artists. An artist is so concerned with creating a piece that is so specific to their era that they cannot create what they want. What also happens is that people who have no skill or artistic ability infiltrate the art world and put a two in square on a three foot canvas and call it art. One must really look inside themselves and ask, “Are these questions and categories really needed in art?”. Just like politics we as humans have created these unnecessary and mythical forces of nature that in fact do not exist in reality but in our minds. What has happened is that we are being taken advantage of by people who know that these forces of nature are unnecessary and uncalled for. What is happening now is that we as people and artists are being chained by metal we created. The need to put people in categories is so paramount to the point that we cannot even make decent art anymore. Too much order creates chaos. What has happened here is a constant rebellion into oblivion. Modernists rebelled against the formalists and the post modernists are rebelling against modernists , at what point will the rebelling stop. Ask yourself

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