Characteristics Of Harrison Bergeron

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To begin with Harrison Bergeron, “he was held on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government. He is a genius and an athlete…” (Pg.2), so, the civilization sees Harrison as an enormous hazard to them. For example, Harrison Bergeron was a rebellious citizen mentioned to be hazardous that managed to break out of prison. A fourteen-year-old, named Harrison Bergeron broke out of jail with the plans of plotting to overthrow the government. Then, he went on television and took off his handicap devices and demanded that others do the same as well. But, the civilization viewed Harrison as highly hazardous, and he was later on shot by Diana Moon Glampers. Thus, Harrison Bergeron is incredibly deleterious to the civilization seen from these actions of his directed towards the government.

Also, Harrison was highly demanding
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He demanded.” (Pg.3), making him seem slightly friendlier. Although, Harrison was still demanding towards others besides the ballerina, which made him look more deleterious than friendly. Furthermore, the civilization may have seen Harrison as a sort of leader to them, “He is a genius…” (Pg.2). However, the civilization would think it is a threat since they believe everyone should be equally the same. Lastly, Harrison was intrepid to be able to stand up against a government, which took away any kind of individualism, “…suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government.” (Pg.2). Although, everyone could enjoy the civilization in its present state, which makes Harrison deleterious to the civilization’s government.

Therefore, to the civilization Harrison Bergeron is more of a hazard to all citizens suggested by his actions. So, Harrison was an enormous hazard that happened to have broken out of jail as a rebellious citizen. As a result, Harrison was rebellious due to his beliefs of what the government should be and plotted to overthrow the

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