Characteristics Of Dark Romanticism

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Transcendentalism influenced the authors of the dark Romanticism differently, hence critics have pointed out the various ways that these authors had to break that trend.
First, the dark romantic little trust in perfection as an innate quality of the human being, the key idea of the transcendentalists. His characters are prone to sin and self-destruction, as they do not inherently possess both the grace and wisdom. Second, although both groups claim that nature is a deeply spiritual strength, low dark Romanticism contemplates a sinister light, unlike transcendentalism, which sees in nature a kind of organic and universal mediator with the divine. For these romantics, on the contrary, the natural world is dark, decadent and mysterious, and
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In Ligeia there are many mythological references, including the name of a strange woman on rotating the whole story Ligeia, a siren name from Greek mythology.
Moreover, he name comes from the ancient Greek Ligeia, meaning "clear voice" and "whispering"; perhaps as a reference to wind instrument with which the siren maddened sailors who ventured into their domains. All Ligeia psychological analysis must necessarily begin with the attitude of the protagonist against women, which is as if she were a child. In fact, many times referred to it as if it were a child, not an adult. Throughout the story we find references such as: (childlike confidence) and (childlike
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Poe, eternal love is a curse, a curse. All his characters tormented by dead women want to forget. This is rarely understood in a superficial reading of his work. In fact, many people still believe that there is some overlap in the posthumous romance obsessions EA Poe, when in fact only unsatisfied longing to forget warns. Ligeia and Rowena represent two opposite aesthetic. Ligeia, dark hair and black eyes, comes from the Rhine; while Rowena, blond and blue eyes, is clearly English. Among both marked a sharp contrast between the German and English Romanticism.
Another feature that separates these two women can be seen in their interests. Ligeia is extremely intelligent and strong metaphysical inclinations. Rowena, however, has a much more earthy appeal. Ligeia was misinterpreted even in its core argument. It 's easy to fall into the trap of believing that Ligeia "reborn" in the body of Rowena, when in fact the reverse process occurs; Rowena who is gradually transformed into Ligeia, perhaps the secret desire to meet her husband. Not really care what the narrator claims. E. A. Poe took the precaution of doing opium addict for his testimony unreliable. In fact, this is synthesized in a passage from the story where the protagonist describes Ligeia radiance of an opium-dream, suggesting that the supposed reincarnation of the girl occurs during a hallucinatory episode induced by

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