Characteristics Of A Social Worker's Nonverbal And Verbal Behavior

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Social Worker 's Nonverbal and Verbal Behavior
Carl 's a 12-year-old boy who 's had a problem with smoking marijuana, eventually his father caught him using marijuana with a friend. Although, his parent divorced three years ago, and his mothers had become disable with multiple sclerosis. Carl had to go to live with his father and stepmother because of his mother health condition. Carl had been living with his father for two months. Even though, both parents appear to be concerned for Carl well-being. They blame themselves for their bad habits; maybe this the reason of Carl 's problems. For example, the mother, fault her ex-husband for their son using marijuana because the father uses marijuana. Also, she implied the father simply refusing to pay Carl therapy. The father blames his ex-wife of being hysterical making the son nervous.
Social Worker Nonverbal Behavior
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The author states, "the tense or relaxed may decide the extent of formality often relates to personal style" (Ashman & Hull, 2015). A social worker observes the body language as a personal style of each client as a group member, family member or even individuals. Occasionally, clients will become extremely tense in the midst of family member. Carl 's family show an example of shifting the blames amongst themselves, and not recognizing their son is being distant from the family by looking around the room and fidgeting in his seat trying to escape from all the drama. In the meantime, Carl 's body language tells the social worker he frightened and wanted to hide. Carl 's did not want to make the eye contact with anybody because he was uncomfortable with his parents and not approachable. Furthermore, Carl 's face expression show anger, that is deeper issues than smoking

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