Sir Gawain Character Analysis Essay

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Rigorous, ruthless, and rocky journeys were a normality for knights. However, many of those knights did not live up to the standard that Sir Gawain did. Evidently, Sir Gawain possessed three important traits that many lacked: chivalry, valiancy, and the ability to be humble. Throughout the poetic story, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Gawain, is led to putting his life on the line due to a deadly dare, through crossing epic portions of land, testing his faithfulness in a love affair, and even staring down the deadly blade of an axe, proving that his story is one of real adventure, inside and out. The most pivotal points of this journey are broken into three parts, all showcasing how phenomenal Sir Gawain becomes.
Unquestionably during the first part of this epic story, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Gawain is portrayed as a chivalrous knight. The poem displays him as loyal, brave, and powerful. These traits are those that prove to be very important traits for a Knight of the Round Table. First, Sir Gawain displays how loyal he his by asking Lady Guinevere about letting him take the dare on behalf of King Arthur. In this case, Sir Gawain’s loyalty is shown by staying true to his promise and oath of protecting
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Notably, Sir Gawain’s chivalry, valiancy, and his ability to be humble and honest make him the amazing knight he is. Ultimately, the test given to Sir Gawain by King Arthur may have been a secret, but it shaped him into the most courageous and honorable knight of The Round Table. His ability to accept the Green Knight’s dare, along with rejecting a scandalous and sinful affair was just the beginning of the ultimate test. Not to mention the final confrontation with the Green Knight, in which he was to be decapitated. Overall, each of these traits and details lead readers to believe that Sir Gawain is indeed, the

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