Character Flaws And Weaknesses Of Their Characters Essay

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According to Angela Ackerman a flaw is, “A self-focused trait that does not take into account the well-being of others” (writers helping Authors use character flaws to show the strengths and weaknesses of their characters. In the past and modern literature authors rely heavily on character flaws to tell their story. Examples of these would be; Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, and Bilbo Baggins. In The People of Paper, Plascencia undermines and contradicts his character 's strengths with weaknesses to show the frustration of human nature. One way plasencia undermines his characters, is through the character Baby Nostradamus. In The People of Paper, there is a retarded baby that can see the future but is constricted by the rules of the soothsayer. As you can see, Plasencia is able to undermine Baby Nostradamus’s only strength useless by having him follow the rules of the soothsayer which states that his powers cannot be used for profit. Thus Plasencia is able to show the frustration of human nature. Nostradamus is also a great example of a character with a tragic flaw. According to Angela Ackerman, “Occasionally, a character fails to overcome their fatal flaw. Whatever is holding him back, he cannot move past it” (writers helping To fully understand what Angela is saying we must first understand what a fatal flaw is, Angela states, “In the scope of fiction, every protagonist has a fatal flaw that highlights an inner deficiency that is keeping them…

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