Character Changes In A Doll's House

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In the novel “ A Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen , a lot of change happens throughout the play within the characters. The book starts off with a happy family. A wife and a husband with beautiful kids , but throughout the play everything changes. The two main characters that are affected most in the change that 's occurring is Nora the wife , and Krogstad he is a man that has committed a fraud and isn 't trusted by the people of the town. The once so perfect family doesn 't seem so perfect anymore towards the end. Nora’s has always been told what to do. By her father and now husband. She’s been a doll to them , but she never really realized only towards the end. Nora was loving , caring , a spendthrift , and always pleasing her husband , but one day …show more content…
Krogstad came perfect timing he figured out a while ago that Nora committed a fraud , but waited until he needed her to do something for him. Nora’s husband Helmer doesn 't take money from other people , he 's against it. Torvald was sick at the time and was Nora was told by the doctors that he might be dying. Nora borrowed two hundred fifty pounds from Krogstad to save her husband 's life. Nora never felt as if she did anything wrong. She may have decieted her husband but it was all out of love. This was a secret but it was also something Nora was very proud of. “It was a wonderfully beautiful journey , and it saved Torvald 's life” Henrik Ibsen (page 8) . Nora did this all for Torvald , she didn 't even get the chance to nurse her sick father because Torvald was sick at the time and had to nurse him. As you can see Nora loves her husband very much so , but when Krogstad decides to blackmail and her spill her secret everything changes. Nora becomes less caring , she sticks up for herself , is more independent , puts Torvald in his place and tells him she’s not in love with him anymore. Nora realizes Torvald only cares about himself , she isn 't blinded by the money he gives

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