Character Analysis: The Changing Faces Of Macbeth

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The Changing Faces of Macbeth

Macbeth shows many faces throughout Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. In Act 1 we see him as a dauntless hero, held in high regard by the King of Scotland and his people. By Act 2, ambition, his tragic flaw, leads him from a loyal subject to his liege to murderer with a bit of a conscience. Again in Act 3 we see more bloodshed, however this time the murder is done without any conscience at all, “It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood” (3.4 124). Macbeth’s tragic flaw of ambition transforms his character throughout Shakespeare 's play.
King Duncan rejoices over Macbeth in Act 1. Macbeth is a hero for his valor and bravery for his king of Scotland. Macbeth fights
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In the beginning of Act 2 he still questions whether he can do it. Macbeth had doubt and he was confused and had remorse. Macbeth had guilt inside of him just thinking about killing his king, a God like person. Lady Macbeth is the brain in this murderous plot and uses her women powers to bully the masculinity of Macbeth. She bullies him by calling him a coward, “Infirm of purpose” (2.2 4).. She states she would kill Duncan herself but Duncan looks too much like her father. Lady Macbeth’s name calling makes him feel less than a man so he decides to do the killing. Macbeth starts hallucinating a dagger to use in the killing. At first the handle is pointing towards Macbeth, then the handle points and shows the way to Duncan’s room. “ It is a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward hand? Come, let me clutch thee” (2.1.33-34). Macbeth kills the king in a bloody slaughter. Macbeth becomes weak again because he brought the daggers back with him but can’t bring them back to the scene of the crime. He feels extremely guilty about his murderous deed. Lady Macbeth again calls him a coward and she said she’ll do it. Because of his guilt and evil doings, Macbeth can’t pray or say Amen because it is stuck in his throat. He starts hearing voices; one cried murder and one laughed. He can’t sleep no more because he is feeling stressed with the guilt of all of it. He can’t sleep no more because his brain will …show more content…
Macbeth’s bloodshed continues but not with his hands, instead he hires three murderers. Macbeth wants to kill Banquo and Fleance because the witches said that Banquo won’t be king but his son Fleance will become king, “your children shall be king be king.”1.3.86. Macbeth has no children for the throne,. “upon my head they placed a fruitless crown and put a barren scepter in my gripe 3.1.60-61. Macbeth will do anything now to keep the crown. After he had Banquo killed he couldn’t ignore his conscience and is unraveling and is haunted guilt. Macbeth is starting to see the ghost of Banquo. “ A Vaunt! and quit my sight! let the earth hide thee!” 3.4.95-96. Macbeth starts talking to the ghost of Banquo and the guest are becoming suspicious. He says he has a mental infirmity “ Do not muse at me most worthy friends; I have a strange infirmity, which is nothing” 3.4.87-88. Macbeth doesn’t want Lady Macbeth to know nothing about Banquo’s death. Macbeth is charge now and doesn’t need Lady Macbeth has to keep going forward. It is another indissoluble event because he just had Banquo killed and now he can’t go back and fix it. Macbeth is falling from being a king position. Macbeth was respected as a noble fighter for his liege, but once he has the crown no one admires him anymore. Macbeth needs to not listen to his conscience so much or else it will lead him into more dangerous trails and if he does

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