Essay on Character Analysis : Saving Sourdi

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Chai uses character analysis to evaluate the traits and roles of each character in “Saving Sourdi.”. Character analysis is when an author evaluates a character’s trait, their role in the story, and the conflicts they experience. Nae is the main protagonist in the story as she and her older sister Sourdi, grew up from childhood to adulthood. Although they grew up together, their characters continued to change simultaneously as Nae falls behind maturity wise, while Sourdi matures constantly. Nae constantly attempts to save her older sister throughout the story but fails multiples times despite the lack of maturity. This shows Nae’s aggressiveness and inability to realize her well being in reality. However, she never grows up in the story as her sister develops into a grown woman with responsibility. Nae is very plain and persistence as she continuously tries to save her sister from situations. Unlike any other lioness trying to protect her cub from predators, Nae does the same towards her beautiful sister. At the age of eleven, she stabs a man at a restaurant, after hearing him call Sourdi a “China doll.” While Sourdi manages to remain calm during this tragic event, Nea reacts without thinking despite her immaturity. “Look, I don’t have time to explain. We have to go tonight. It’s an emergency. A matter of life and death.”(Chai 148). Nae’s decision to call Duke for helps led to Sourdi’s husband getting punched in the face. As the two sisters “grew apart during these events,”…

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