Essay about Chapter Eleven Of The 19th Century

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Chapter Eleven
The immigrant tourists and the former soldier returned to the St. Nicholas Hotel that evening. As they entered the hotel, the front desk spied Karolina and waved her over. Karolina went to the front desk with a puzzled look on her face.
The front desk clerk said “A fine lady dropped this off for you,” as he handed a parcel to Karolina. “She said it was for this evening’s reception.”
Karolina took the parcel and went with her husband and children to their room to dress for the reception. She unwrapped the parcel and saw a beautiful gown that her friend Anna had promised her. She carefully unwrapped the gown being careful to smooth the wrinkles. She put on the gown and her husband said she looked beautiful. Her children did not even notice her as they were too busy playing with toys they received from several of the exposition exhibitors. Carolyn kissed her husband and went down the grand staircase to the lobby to meet her friend Anna, Anna’s husband and Franz Sigel at the reception.
Members of the New York City Society invited to the reception that evening would be attempting to impress one another by wearing their latest evening formal wear including long black frock coats for the men and colorful flowing ball gowns with new jewels and furs for the women. The St. Nicholas Hotel would be under scrutiny being the first extravagant event held at the hotel since it opened. Even the proprietors of the nearby Astor House Hotel owned by one of New York City’s…

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