Chapter 7 Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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In chapter 7 we see a great change in Daisy’s character, by the end of the chapter she has been revealed to be a selfish, manipulative character that, when it comes down to it, will first and foremost look out for herself. F. Scott Fitzgerald has done this in a number of ways, some of which include speech and description.
As Nick and Gatsby enter the salon, Daisy and Jordan are lounging on the sofa in white dresses – exactly as they are in chapter 1, when we first meet these characters. This shows that throughout the novel the people that have come from ‘old money’ have never had to worry about wasting their day away, which is shown in the line “We can’t move,” if these people had any worries they would have worked during this day, disregarding the heat as an unimportant factor. In this small piece of description Daisy is once again said to be wearing a “white dress,” the colour white has been associated with Daisy throughout the novel, showing that she is meant to be seen as a pure and innocent person. However, as the chapter moves on we begin to see a darker side of Daisy that questions all the opinions we, as the readers, have made about her. This change in personality can be used to show a different meaning of the colour white. It could show the readers that Daisy is void of a conscience and that because Myrtle is not part of Daisy’s upper-class life she is deemed unimportant.
Daisy is presented as a mother in chapter 7. This is the first and only time Pammy makes an…

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