Chapter 48 : Child Abuse And Neglect Essay

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Chapter 48 details how child welfare services have been developed in the state of Wisconsin. Chapter 48 dictates how services are provided by describing what constitutes child abuse and neglect, in what circumstances the department has jurisdiction for a CHIPS petition, when a child can be taken into custody, who a child can be released to, and the detailed court process each petition must go through. Although the code is very detailed in each of these categories, limitations stem from this specificity. When a child is taken into custody and thereafter, there are specific deadlines that must be met for the court process to proceed. With these deadlines comes lots of paperwork, which can deter workers from talking and assessing families instead of filling out paperwork. Although this documentation is important, if the worker does not have sufficient time to thoroughly assess the family, this can limit their practice.
The Children’s Code also specifically details what the role of the social worker, and other professionals, is during the process. As described in the code the intake worker has four duties: provide services 24/7 in the case of an emergency safety concern, interview children, parents, and collaterals to understand the situation, provide crisis counseling if needed, and collect referral information, conduct inquires, request the filing of petitions, and enter into informal dispositions (48.067). The code also highlights the duties of the guardian ad litem, other…

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