Chapter 19 Deals With Various Movements That Were Taking Place Within The United States

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Chapter 19 deals with various movements that were taking place within the United States. The most influential and visible movements in the United States during the mid-20th century include the modern feminist movement, prison movements, and Native American movements. All of these movements, led by oppressed populations, left a distinctive imprint on the United States’ course of development and shaping of its policy towards discrimination.
As mentioned above, the first major social movement that began in the mid-20th century was the modern feminist movement. In reality, the feminist movement was motivated and initiated by World War II (1939-1945). During World War II, men were drafted and sent to combat either on the European Frontier or the Pacific Frontier while women stayed domestically in the United States and worked in factories and armories to produce and supply American soldiers with food, weapons, ammunition, and other vital military accessories. While working for these factories women were finally making their wages, paying taxes, running side-businesses that perhaps their husbands owned, and their status in the household heightened as they took the primary role in raising and disciplining children. It seemed that for a period that lasted almost six years, women had escaped the brutal chains of patriarchy and the submission and subordination of men. Zinn even states that by 1960 23 million women (16 or older) worked for wages and that women consisted of half…

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