Essay on Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Review

1. List three areas where health care practitioners can gain insight through studying law and ethics.
The three areas are the rights, responsibilities, and concerns of health care con summers. The legal and ethical issues facing society, patients, and health care practitioners as the world changes. The impact of rising cost on the laws and ethics of healthcare delivery.

2. Define summary judgment.
Summary judgment is the legal term for a decision made by court in a lawsuit in response to a motion that pleads there is no basis for a trial because there is no genuine issue of material fact.

3. Define bioethics.
Bioethics is a discipline dealing with the ethical implication of biological research
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D. All of the above.

23. The basis for ethical conduct includes.
A. Ones morals.

24. What is bioethics concerned with?
C. The ethical implications of biological methods and results.

25. Critical skills include
B. First clearly defining a problem.

26. Can you answer either of your neighbor’s questions? Explain your answer.
No I cannot tell him how mush another patient got charged for a procedure, because a procedure is never the same and he might have something else different. The doctor will be the only one to know. The price for the eyeglasses from the other patient also could be a different prescription and might be a different price from him. Patient’s information is always confidential.

27. Should you seat the physicians in the waiting room, or show her to your employer’s private office? Why?
I will most likely seat the physician in the waiting room unless otherwise instructed by the physician. Confidential paperwork might be on the physician’s desk and we must prevent any incident in where the information could be leak.

28. Did LPNs in this scenario act ethically and responsibility? Explain your answers.
One of the nurses did. The second one that gave the information away of a patient acted unethical and unlawful. Patient information is a very delicate piece of information. The nurse should have instructed her to just see her

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