Changing The Message Of Education Essay

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After reading these articles about educational change it was interesting to see regardless of the subject how connected they were. There will be some resistance because any change causes questions, but education is forever growing and we must also. The first article was about changing the message of education to helping our student’s academic success. The need to rethink core qualities that have define school education such as testing, school schedules, and grade levels. The idea of fighting for students to get a better chance to progress in school by taking away standardized computer testing for all students can be essential. Our students are being pushed to prepare and past test that not all of them are equally ready to past. Every student academic capability is different, so they should be tested differently.
It’s time we practice education like medicine, and treat students like patients. Starting with personalizing testing for each individual student the same way you get specific medicine prescribed for you. This would allow students to be themselves and grow at a pace of their own not others. Implementing this type of change gives schools the ability to start each student on their own academic plan. Now parents have a personal learning plan directly in place for their child level. Just the way you would go get the specific prescription given to handle an individual’s issue.
The goal is to help kids improve at solving problems, reading comprehension, and…

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