Essay on Changes Of Iran After The Islamic Revolution

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Changes in Iran after the Islamic Revolution
In the late 1970s Iran went through a political change that alternated the nation. The Shah (king) Mohammad Reza Pahlavi wanted to modernize and westernize Iran in a way similar to the United States.However, Ayatollah Khomeini ( Iran 's religious leader at this time ) did not agree with Shah Pahlavi and wanted to go by the Islamic customs.The differences between these two leaders caused Iran to go in a chaotic state and birthed the Islamic Revolution.
In 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini and the Islamic Republic overthrow the Shah.All over Iran the statues of the Shah were torn down by the supporters of Khomeini.When Khomeini came into power he formed the Islamic fundamentalist government . Islamic fundamentalist are against westernization ,and go by strict rules based off the Islamic customs. After 8 years of imprisonment for being a revolutionary activist, a women named Ana talks about how Khomeini treated the people who were against his politics, and she states
"In 1988 the Khomeini regime killed all the political prisoners, hanged all of them during two months. They actually killed all the political prisoners, except among the leftist women, they did not kill all of them—they thought if they beat and tortured them they would eventually accept Islam and come back. But they killed all the men. There was another organization in Iran, an Islamic force—Mojahedin—the regime killed all their members, women and men, killed both. "

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