Changes During The Soviet Union Essay

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Between 1900 and 1945, drastic change occurred from a global view. New economic, political, and military ideas were introduced resulting in divided nations and people. Large continents struggled to cope with these changes in nationalism, imperialism and militarism. Their struggles creating poverty, death and misery. As these large continents battled out their differences, the balance of power from 1900 and 1945 shifted from European domination on all levels to U.S control using liberal and western aspects and communist power in the The Soviet Union. In the early 1900’s, Great Britain controlled one-fifth of the world and has colonized extensive proportions of Africa and Asia. France fell close behind Great Britain, owning parts of Africa while Russia also ruled some of Asia. As these countries added layers to their power, other countries such as Germany, Japan, and the United States knew they had to start competing for domination. Japan began its quest during the Russo-Japanese War when they colonized Korea and forced their culture on Korean people by demanding Japanese religion, shutting down schools, and newspapers. The three countries began their hunt, the United States with a desire for resources and Germany and Japan with a desire for land. The United States began economic imperialism in Latin America, blocking Europe’s pervious control of the region. Latin American thought their nationalism was being diminished, however, they were not alone. Germany, Austria, and…

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