Changes Call For Innovation And Innovation

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“Changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress.”- Li Keqiary. In some cases, it’s necessary to make a few radical changes to lead on to better things; But most human being tend to hesitate when it comes to changes. We tend to just have the fear of it. No offense, but living in the 21st century a lot of matters that are upgrading. Our American Criminal justice from 40 years ago verses now there have been quite a few alterations, but for the most part the majority aren’t so great. One matter I definitely believe it needs a new revolution is our court system. A way where our court system becomes fair, collaborative, and an efficiency through court innovation of online negotiation system. This can benefit not, just the court system, but our corrections, and law enforcements (at least in some areas.)
According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as of 2015, there are 198,143 federal inmates. What if there was a way of reducing at least a few of those numbers? Now of course those who are in prisons are usually for major offenses, but for those that are in there for minor offenses? Most of the minor offenses are sometimes because they already had been in the system for offense even smaller that could have been seen way past the line. If this court innovation were to take place this means that there would be more fair for those who yet committed something small their case can be processed correctly and punished harshly. Transportation and time would not result in

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