Cesare Lombroso 's Theory Of Criminal Behavior Essay

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Cesare Lombroso was Italian Criminologist in the 1800’s that published theories of criminal behavior, including physiological theories of criminality. Lombroso, was a firm believer that criminality was inheritable and that there was a divergent biological category of humans that were susceptible to criminality. Part of Lombroso’s Atavistic Theory was that physical features individuals possessed such as: low sloping forehead, large, projection jaw, high cheekbones, flattened or upturned nose, insensitivity to pain, handle shaped ears, and baldness. Precisely, Lombroso also included in his theory that certain criminals (thieves or rapists), possessed distinct features that set them apart from other non - criminals. For a moment, Lombroso was focused on the study of mental illness and its connection to understanding how society function and defend itself from individuals who were diagnosed as insane. Part two of this study discusses how mentally ill one would have to in order to be held accountable for their actions.
According to Beccalossi (2010) stated: “Lombroso believed that most criminals did not act out of free will, but rather were urged to commit crimes because of their innate organic nature. Thus, aiming to understand criminal minds and therefore prevent crime, it was important to study, measure, and classify criminals as physicians did with the ill – through a bodily examination. Further, Lombroso believed that physical anomalies were a sign of social danger”.…

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