Cell Organelles And The Basic Buildings Blocks Of Life Essay

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Cells are things that life needs. Cells are the basic buildings blocks of life. They are too small to see. They are microscopic and their organelles are even smaller. Some organelles animal cells and plant cells have in common the nucleus, nucleolus, ribosome, mitochondria, golgi body, cytoplasm and cytosol, the rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, cell membrane, nuclear envelope, and chromosomes which are also known as chromatin. Lysosomes are unique to animal cells. But before you learn about cell organelles, let 's look into who made the discovery of cells possible. You might also want to learn about the cell theory. But if you are looking for info about plant cells, you are out of luck. But if you are looking for some facts about animal cells, you 're reading the right paper.
One of the first people to observe cells was the English scientist and inventor Robert Hooke. Hooke built his own compound microscope, which was one of the best microscopes of his time. In 1663, Hooke used his microscope to observe the structure of a thin slice of cork. Cork, the bark of the cork oak tree, is made up of cells that are no longer alive. To Hooke, the empty spaces in the cork looked like tiny rectangular rooms. Therefore, Hooke called the empty spaces cells, which is a word meaning “small rooms.”
At about the same time that Robert Hooke made his discovery, Anton van Leeuwenhoek also began to observe tiny objects with microscopes. Leeuwenhoek was a Dutch businessman who sold cloth.…

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