Causes Of Vulnerability

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Ranging from the modernisation of a country to the experience of small islands that threatened by rises of the sea level, most countries including developed countries somehow vulnerable to climate change. Vulnerability is a condition that is difficult to measure as mostly is based on the approximation (Parsons, 2014). Vulnerability occurs not only because of environmental change, but also on socio-economic characteristics such as poverty and inequality governance. This demonstrates that it also relates to consequences or actions taken by the society (Parsons, 2014). Therefore, in this essay will discuss how the ongoing processes of socio-economic and environmental change interact with and shape patterns of vulnerability.

The issue of poverty
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In some ways, one of the reasons for the occurrence of migration is because of environmental changes in a country. As stated by Afifi in his article that the increase in sea level, droughts, increases in tropical hurricanes and frequency of heavy rains and flood is the threatening potential causes of migration (Afifi, 2010). This somehow demonstrates that it shapes the pattern of vulnerability especially those who lived in poor condition of environment and overpopulation country (Afifi, 2010). However, as pointed out by Kniveton (2008) in his article stated that the environmental change or any natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, only affected society if there are highly dependent on the environment and if human action worsen the environmental aspect of the disaster, hence migration takes place. Furthermore, it demonstrates that society experiences high vulnerability. In Alaska, it experiences a situation of decreasing in the thickness of sea ice, which affects the indigenous communities (Afifi, 2010). These communities are threatened due to environmental change such as accelerated rates of erosion and flooding. The government is striving to solve this issue, as conventional adaptation strategies of hazard preventions are no longer protecting the communities. Hence, relocate them are necessary. Another example would be in Hong Kong, there are trends of rural depopulation through migration to coastal urban centers in the 20th Century (Yim, 1993). A rapidly growing number of coastal mega cities could lead to certain circumstances such as overcrowding and vulnerable to varieties of weather-induces hazards including, typhoons, landslides and floods (Yim, 1993). The government faced a greater future concerns, as due to overcrowding, the level of vulnerability in the mega cities increases such as the issue of floods and landslides. This is because of increase in the

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