Robberies And Crime

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Violence and Robbery
Towan Cook
Georgia Gwinnett College

Because robbery is most likely to be carried out by a stranger, robberies can often escalate into the use of violence, due to the fact that the offender has no intimate connection to the victim. Therefore, more than likely the offender may use force to get what they need. Unlike the act of burglar, robbery involves the use of a threat or force to take or obtain items of value such as, money, drugs, weapons, and jewelry. While most people know what the act of robbery is, others fail to realize that not all types of robberies are the same. Location, motivation, and the way in which a robbery is carried out will depict how violent the situation may be. Also it is more
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Surprisingly, a survey conducted from the years of 2004 to 2008 showed that nearly 33% of all robberies were carried out in the home or lodging of the victim and only 10% of robberies were carried out in a dark setting such as, parking garages, and poorly lit areas (Bureau of Justice, 2014). One way to explain these results is through a theory that describes how population density in an area affects the likelihood of being robbed on the street level. In 2010 the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing released an article that explained what makes a suitable target for robbery. Within the article there was a diagram that explained that when the majority of robbers plan out their attack, they use zones to depict which victim would be the most suitable (Monk & Heinonen, 2010). Zone A explained that the offender may see a suitable target, but there are too many people around that can help the victim (Monk & Heinonen, 2010). Zone B is what most offenders look for, and it explains that there are suitable targets that are dispersed enough so they cannot receive help from others (Monk & Heinonen, 2010). Lastly Zone C lies in the low-density portion of the graph, explaining that even though there are suitable targets dispersed, there are not enough targets to have a good selection (Monk & Heinonen, 2010). Although this theory seems to be very accurate, there are several factors that one must consider when attempting to figure out why some people are more likely to fall victim to

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