Causes Of Corruption In The Soviet Union

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Water is a very pure substance. However, one drop of poison will pollute the water and make it undrinkable. Likewise, the idea of Communism is pure, egalitarian, and brilliant- everyone gets what they need and performs their fair share of work, and no one is superior to another. Unfortunately, the greed of the human race corrupts this dreamer 's utopia when people get paid the same no matter how hard they work. Like a drop of poison, corruption spreads throughout every heart, even to leaders in the government. When people in America hear "Soviet Union", they think of the distrust, tension, and massacres that occurred because of corruption in the USSR. Granted, the Soviet Union was responsible for a plethora of technological advances, such …show more content…
But the corruption within the Soviet Union forces me to conclude that the USSR was not a viable solution for the people.
To know why the USSR was so corrupt, we must first understand how it came to be. There was a Russian Revolution against the Czar, Nicolas Romanov II, after famine, poverty, and terrible war casualties from WWI angered the people, making them lose trust in the Czar. So, the Russian Empire crumbled as the Czar and his family were killed, and a new government was put in place. This newer government was overthrown by the radical Bolshevik party led by Vladimir Lenin in 1917. The Bolsheviks soon faced a rivalry-and a war. The Anti-Bolshevik White Army attempted to overthrow the Bolshevik government from 1918 to 1920. Finally, The Bolsheviks were victorious, and in
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First of all, the economy was failing. Many common people did not get necessities when they were needed. This caused a great tension between the people and the government. Also, the population of the USSR was not allowed freedom of the press nor freedom of speech. Newspapers published had to be checked by agents of the government, and if controversial topics were brought about, those responsible would be thrown into a concentration camp or executed. Then, Mikhail Gorbachev became the leader of the Soviet Union, introducing free speech and democracy. Gorbachev slowed the nuclear weapons race in the Cold War against the United States and encouraged more discussion, and less forced silence. A few republics of the USSR decided to secede, which inspired other republics to consider this. The older Soviets warned against too much change too fast, while the people were encouraging more rapid change. So, Gorbachev was torn, because he wanted compromise and open discussion. At the same time, the Russian president Yeltsin was power-hungry, so Gorbachev attempted to make a treaty with Yeltsin so that the USSR had less power. However, before the treaty was complete, Communist traditionalists held a coup d 'état and trapped Gorbachev. The people, who loved Gorbachev 's ideas, came to aid him as Yeltsin cunningly joined the people and defeated the Communists, winning the people over. Therefore, the Communist Soviet Union was no more

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