Cause Of Aggression Research Paper

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Causes of Aggression in Youth
According to Franke, motivation for acts of aggression is the person’s need for control.. Children use their force because that is an instinct however then parents teach the child to cope in better ways. If a child grows up in a home where they see another person using force to get what they want the child is less likely to learn how to properly cope in those types of situations. Poverty is said to be a predictor of violence (Franken, 2007). There are many stressful circumstances around being poor. The kids are left home alone while parents are at work, when parents have many stressors that cause the child to learn as they go. The more “risk factors” there are in a family then youth are apt to engage in risky
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By failing to fulfill the basic needs for safety of the child; in infancy an absence of affectionate care taking create the set for avoidant attachment behavior. This accounts for aggressive conduct in preschool children. When children endure regular physical punishment, physical and verbal abuse which correlates with aggression in children, youth and even adults. Aggressive people think that people are hostile to them, which cause them to want to protect themselves by using self-defense. Problems in the home cause children to develop hostile feelings and can even develop into a need to harm someone. Children that have sustained abuse in the home but have caring relatives are less inclined to be aggressive. When rules and enforcement are absent aid in aggressive behavior. Children need guidance, consistency, and to learn restraint which in turn helps them with internal structure. When children are around violence in their homes, neighborhoods and through social media aid in aggressive behavior. Parents model behavior that children pick up on through observing the interaction between parents. When children see aggressive behavior from their parents the child begins to think that the behavior is normal. The neighborhood increases the normalcy feeling of aggression when kids are fighting in the streets. Then when children begin to make friends and develop relationships they …show more content…
The coercion theory which uses adult’s reaction to their aggressive children’s behavior. Parents strengthen the child’s aggressive behavior by giving into their behavior by alleviating the embarrassment. This behavior teaches the children that aggression is rewarding, according to Franken this behavior is called Instrumental aggression. Birth complications and along with maternal rejection in the first year is a predictor a violent offending (Loeber & Stoughamer-Loeber, 1998). Physical punishment into the teen years cause teens to be more clandestine in their incentives and activities (Loeber & Stoughamer-Loeber, 1998). Parents sometimes do not teach their kids to be truthful and to regard people’s belongings. Usually due to parents weak moral values. Children lie as a distraction to diminish the chance of being caught by their parents. High levels of testosterone has been associated with aggressive behavior, while low levels of neurotransmitter serotonin hinder behavior that are related to violence. Low levels of automatic arousal increase antisocial behavior. Children that had a low heart rate at earlier in life are more aggressive and are at an increased risk of for violence. According to twin studies crimes against people and property have been connected to genetic influences. Genetic impacts aggression are stronger, and genetics play a role in modification of irritated and

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