The Second Leading Cause Of Breast Cancer

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The second leading cause of death for women is Breast Cancer. Knowing what causes this cancer can further understand how to diagnosis and for treatment. There are five stages on the chances to survive and how far along the cancer is. There are different symptoms that may be an indicator to watch closely. The prognosis’s on the outcomes depends how early the cancer is caught. That one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer. As of today over 2.9 million are survivors of breast cancer in the United States.
The cause of getting breast cancer is unclear. The occurrence of the breast cells become benign and start to divide into a lump or mass. The Cancer carcinoma may come from the milk ducts, the lobules, and or tissue or cells of the breast. The cells could metastasize to another part of the body or the lymph nodes. Even the changes in hormones, lifestyle, and the environment have an impact to increase the risk. Breast cancer can be inherited that have a five-ten percent to get the gene mutation.
Symptoms of breast cancer are; swelling of the breast, skin irritation, pain, nipple pain/ turning inward, redness, or thickening of the nipple/ breast skin, discharge other than breast milk, a lump in the underarm area. A lump might be too small to feel, but
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Watching for anything abnormal than usually and letting the primary care provider know as soon as possible can reduce the risk of death. Also, the symptoms of cancer don’t kill the patient it’s from another cause like a heart attack. Detecting breast cancer early can be from an annual mammogram screening. Depending on how far and the stage of cancer will determine on the treatment they will use. The prognosis is the provider’s outcome on a survival rate that the patient will have. Remember that over 2.9 million breast cancer survivors are survivors of the second leading cause of

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