Essay On Delusional Disorder

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Delusional Disorder, also known as psychosis, is a disorder that which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. People with this type of disorder tend to think that things and people are always out to get them. They jump at the fear of their own shadows and are always constantly thinking that people are trying poison or kill them. They are afraid that people will deceive them, conspire against them, or love them from a distance. What could have happened in a dream may be a reality to them so they bring it up into real life situations and act on it as if nothing is wrong. Delusional Disorder causes people to highly over exaggerate about things that are not true and will not become true. However, they do go about their normal routines with everything, but shaking the feeling of someone following them may be hard to do. This disorder is very rare, but the funny thing about it, people who do not have this disorder think that they do. This disorder is in relation to Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia changes the way a person thinks, acts, expresses emotions, and perceives reality. They react differently to their family members. It may become hard for someone who do not know what is mentally wrong with an individual who develops a disorder as common as this one. Types of delusional disorders: …show more content…
On the genetic side, this disorder could be passed down from a parent and given to the child causing them to behave a certain way. Biological deals with how the brain reacts to certain things or something could have caused the brain to misinterpret information. Environmental and Psychological can occur because people may be influenced by society which causes stress upon the individual leading them to begin substance and alcoholic abuse. People who are isolated, who have poor sight and hearing are more vulnerable and are more likely to have this type of delusional

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