Essay about Causes And Consequences Of Divorce

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CAUSES OF DIVORCE Nowadays divorcing is common, and it is not as startling or unpredictable as it used to be. According to American Psychologist Association, about half of American marriages in 2015 end in divorce. To what cause can this epidemic be linked to? American studies and research attribute, but do not limit, the cause of divorce to lack of commitment, infidelity, and abuse. These being only a minority of the multitudes of causes; along with knowing that those who have gone through divorce will give more than one reason for the split. Risks that can increase the probability of divorce are young age, no religious affiliation, and parents’ divorce (Doherty, "Should I Keep Trying to Work It Out?"). These causes combined with the risks make the plausibility of divorce relatively high. Although it is evident that there are many reasons for such a split, the most prevalent cause for divorce is lack of commitment. This meaning that there is no safety or security in the relationship to openly express one’s thoughts, feelings, or desires (¨Why Commitment Matters¨). This leads to not feeling comfortable or confident that a spouse feels special or important. “One spouse or the other or both begin to take the relationship and the other spouse for granted. The idea of you or your spouse being the most special person in the world is lost, or at least not put into practice anymore,” declares marriage councilor, Frank Gunzburg, pH. D. The lack of attention that a spouse feels…

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