Smoking Is Bad Essay

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Addiction has many faces, cigarettes being the most notorious. In all honesty, cigarettes damage lungs. By the same token, cigarettes give people cancer. Even worse, is the high price of cigarettes. They contain a nasty chemical, and that chemical is called nicotine. On top of all of that, cigarettes weaken a human 's immune system. Cigarettes are dangerous to any and all users.
As if a person did not already know, smoking destroys your lungs like an atomic bomb. Smoking can cause the body’s immune system to attack lung tissue and result in severe respiratory disorders. After smoking for a long enough time, your lungs will no longer be able to filter harmful chemicals. Smoking causes inflammation to airways and tissues of your lungs. This
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The average pack of cigarettes costs $4.50 to $5. A person who smokes a pack a day spends an estimated $1,600 a year. Dr. Sloan concluded that the lifetime cost of smoking to a 24-year-old male is $183,000. The figure increases to $220,000 after adding in the costs absorbed by taxpayers for public health care. This translates to almost $40 per pack for a lifetime of smoking. As if all of that isn’t enough, the price keeps going up, adding to the total cost is the removal of the smell. A person who smokes and is selling a house or car has to pay professionals to come in and remove the smell before said car or house can be sold. Car dealers will also offer less money for a trade in car of a smoker. Homeowners companies will sometimes charge higher premiums due to the fear that a smoker will burn the house down. A 10 percent discount on homeowner insurance is often given to nonsmokers. Life insurance agencies also charge double to smokers, since it increases your risk of death. Obviously, smoking ruins teeth, hair, and skin; which is something many smokers will spend a small fortune to fix. Smokers will get teeth whitening procedures done and buy skin products just so they can keep spending even more money on something that is killing them. On top of all that money smokers spend, they also spend an exuberant amount of money on dry cleaning to rid their clothes of the smell of cigarettes. In the …show more content…
Smoking depresses antibodies and cells that are in the body to protect against foreign invaders. There is also a significant decrease in immune cells that normally help the body. Smoke from cigarettes travel throughout a smoker’s bloodstream to reach the organs of the body and damage the immune response. Carbon monoxide is carried through the body by smoke, which interferes with oxygen levels. With low oxygen levels, it is makes it very hard for oxygen to reach vital organs. Blood pressure and heart rate are affected negatively by smoking chemicals carried through the blood. The immune system of a smoker is weakened and, makes a smoker take longer to recover from illnesses. As well as the fact the person who smokes is more likely to catch influenza and

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