Cause And Effect Of The Tornado Essay examples

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One of the hardest things that I have experienced in my life is seeing the town I love and grow up in be destroyed by a tornado. In 2011, Cullman, Alabama was one of many towns affected by a tornado’s deadly path. When the day started, I did not realize that I would be taking shelter just a couple hours later in my neighbor’s basement. Driving over to my neighbor’s house and seeing the tornado just miles away was the scariest moment in my life. I will never forget the heartbreak and devastation the town suffered from a storm that lasted a couple of hours. Tornadoes are rated on a scale from F-0 to F-5. The tornado was labeled a F-5 which is the strongest one of all. A disastrous tornado often results in destruction, casualties, and financial stress.
One effect that causes the most harm is the tornado’s aftermath known as destruction. The path that is left behind is the worst part of the storm; effects of this is the plant life that is destroyed and the complete destruction of houses and buildings. As the tornado rotates and picks up speed, it has so much force that almost everything in its way will be forced into the tunnel. The wind has so much power that it tears shingles off roofs or the entire roof itself. The wind can also carry outdoor furniture along with the tornado and tear up the landscape surrounding the house. Two major factors cause a destructive tornado, wind speed and width. For an average tornado, wind speeds can rise to 100 miles per hour; however, a…

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