Cause And Effect Of Organ Donation Essay

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A loved one 's heart no longer pumps blood and his brain no longer functions, yet he still lies on a frigid bed seemingly lost in the sea of hospital covers. An apathetic machine pumps blood for him, impersonating the warmth of life. Even though he looks alive, the patient is pronounced brain dead, a commonly devastating tragedy for families across the country. However, positive effects can come from this terrible disaster. A brain dead individual can donate his organs to save the life of another. Organ donation is the process of surgically removing an organ from one human and transferring them to another human in order to save his or her life. In most cases, the only way to donate organs after death is if the donor is brain dead. Potential donors have suffered an irreversible loss of all brain function and are considered clinically and legally dead. Mechanical ventilation and medications keep his or her heart beating and blood flowing to the organs. To declare a person officially brain dead, a doctor must give the patient an electroencephalogram, which determines that there is no blood flow to the brain. The doctor then removes the deceased person from the mechanical ventilation and takes them to an operating room where he or she surgically removes the patient’s organs (Understanding Death Before Donation). However, the current system of laws and regulations prohibits the donation of a deceased patient’s organs unless the person is a registered organ donor. Therefore,…

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