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Catherine The Great "Women fell under her spell as well as men, for underlying her engaging femininity was a masculine strength which gave her the courage to present a bland and smiling mask in the face of the greatest tribulations." (Joan Haslip). Sophie Auguste Frederike von Anhalt-Zerbst aka. Catherine the Great was born May 2, 1729. She was known for being the most renowned and the longest-ruling female leader of Russia reigning from 1762 until she died in 1796. She had been born in

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Catherine set out to improve the economy of the country. One way had been by improving farming methods. With her improving farming methods this also being that Catherine would send important people to different regions to study soil and propose suitable crops; she had made grants to landowners to learn the improved techniques in England, where they had turnips, clover, and rye grass which would be substituted with grain crops. She really encouraged immigration in order for people to work on the land. Advertisement was one thing that Catherine did to encourage people. Newspapers would have advertisement inviting people to a six month free lodging which came with livestock, and seed. Thousands of people had took the offer and headed off to Russia to work. The thousands of people who had taken the offer were a huge part in the feeding population that would need to grow throughout the next 3 decades. Farming was not the only thing Catherine gave special attention. Orphans and unwanted infants was another thing Catherine gave a special attention too. A five story home had been made in Moscow which included a hospital, church, and dairy farm for eighty cows that Catherine had built. The home had took in 2,000 infants annually and became the main factor for smaller homes. Catherine had greatly increased the number of schools and teachers from helping orphans and unwanted infants. With schools
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