Catcher in the Rye Timeline Essay

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Title: Catcher in the Rye
Author: J.D Salinger

New York City Goes to New York City for fencing match Leaves the fencing equipment on the subway. Holden buys the red hunting hat.
Pency Prep. Agerstown, Pennsylvania Returns to Pency Stands on Thompson Hill Visits Mr. Spencer to say goodbye. Spencer lectures him. Returns to dorm. Conversations with Ackley and Stradlater Goes into town with Brossard and Ackley Returns to the dorm to write Stradlater's composition on Allie's baseball mitt Stradlater returns from date with Jane Gallagher. Holden has a fist-fight with Stradlater over Jane Gallagher. Holden Wakes up Ackley Decides to leave Pency for New York City Sells his
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They want five more dollars. Holden refuses and has a fist-fight with Maurice. They take the money and leave. Holden pretends he has bullets in his gut. Goes to sleep.
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New York City Holden wakes up after a short sleep. Calls Sally Hayes and makes a date with her for that afternoon. Grabs a taxi to Grand Central Station. Stores his luggage in a locker there. Goes to a nearby "sandwich bar" for breakfast. During breakfast he meets two nuns. After a conversation Holden donates ten dollars to the nuns and tries to pick up their check. Holden leaves the sandwich bar and walks down Broadway. There, he encounters a father, mother, and little boy walking down the street. The little boy is singing "If a body catch a body coming through the rye". Stops into a record store and buys recording of "Little Shirley Beans" for Phoebe. Goes to the theater and buys two tickets for the play "I Know My Love" for his date with Sally Hayes. Goes to Central Park looking for Phoebe. Still looking for Phoebe, Holden walks across the park to the Museum of Natural History. He decides not to go into the museum. Holden takes a taxi to the Biltmore and meets Sally Hayes. They go to the theater to see the play which is starring the Lunts. During intermission Sally meets an old friend, George "something". After the play, Sally and Holden go ice skating at Radio City. They have an argument over sodas. After the

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