catcher and the rye answers to study questions Essay

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Chapter 1
1. Holden is the narrator of the entire story and he promises to tell the story of his crazy Christmas
2. DB is Holden’s brother and he calls him a prostitute because he sells himself as a writer.
3. Pencey Prep is the school Holden attends.
4. Holden is leaving because he failed all his classes but one, he feels passive.
Chapter 2
1. Mr. Spencer is his history teacher and Holden visits him because he is a nice guy
2. Holden describes himself as an average guy?
3. Mr. Spencer reads the essay because it is a failure of an essay, a joke. Holden is not happy by having the essay read aloud to him.
4. Whooton and Elkton Hills are old schools, which Holden left because they stunk too.
Chapter 3
1. Holden bought a red hat in
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Holden feels she is annoying
4. Holden has to leave the nightclub to get away from Lillian, he feels she ruined the night for him
Chapter 13
1. Holden wouldn’t have done anything, he realizes that he is a coward at heart and doesn’t like violence. Holden is indeed a coward.
2. Holden feels like crap, depressed and flustered.
3. Unable to say no, Holden agrees to have a prostitute sent up to his room for $5. Even though Holden knows, he is too scared to actually do anything with the girl. She comes up into the room; Holden becomes flustered and tells her he can’t do anything due to a recent surgery. He pays her $5 and she requests $10, he denies and she leaves.
Chapter 14
1. Holden recalls an incident where he excluded Allie from a game and he now feels guilty for doing so. He ‘invites’ Allie in an attempt to make himself feel better.
2. Holden feels that he doesn’t like organized religion, although he still feels the desire to pray.
3. Maurice is the prostitutes pimp; he knocks on the door demanding the other $5. Holden is punched and pinned, and then the money is taken out of his wallet. Holden didn’t have a choice but to give him the money, he is a weak kid who isn’t in the slightest bit assertive.
4. Holden feels like crap and imagines himself taking his revenge on Maurice. He also considers jumping out of the window, but he knows he is too much of a coward to even do that and goes to sleep.
Chapter 15
1. Sally Hayes is Holden’s ex

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